"Thank you so much for the excellent navigation system and the quick delivery. I fully recommend you to any potential customer”.
- Mr. Phil Peterson

“Fantastic product, AMAZING price! Thanks Johnathon. Regards,”
-Nigel B.

“This really has been the best Internet purchase I’ve made. Everything used to be cheaper on the net but recently, prices have gone up to the same as shops. You seem to be the exception.”
-Danny and Joanne

“First time owner and this is a top product. Easy to get going and accurate. Very good at choosing alternative routes if you decide to go off the suggested route. A built in mp3 player which plugs into the cassette in the car and so can get all my tunes in the car too. ”

“Excellent navigation, excellent price, easy transaction. 100% recommendation”

Just wanted to drop you a quick note to say thanks again for your help. It arrived this morning and I already tested it out. It works great!"

Mr. Frampton
Hemel Hempsted

“Thanks a lot, amazing deal.”

“It is refreshing to deal with a company who offer such a high level of customer service. Thank you so much”.
Katie Carter

“I did my research and you are by far the best value seller of Navigation System in the UK (I also looked overseas but you were still cheaper)”.
- Ronnie Blake

“Bought it for my Dad’s 50th Birthday. He is over the moon with it. Thank you Ad. X Jenny.”
-Jennifer Moreton

“Just purchased and very pleased. Very easy to use plugged in to ciggy lighter and 5 mins later being directed. Never used one before-very easy.
Birningham ”

“I was expecting a cheep, nasty GPS for the money, but it is GREAT! How do you sell them so cheap???!”
-Alex Lovett

And so on...!

If you would like to order now, please call:


...or text.

    You have just found the Best Value GPS System in the UK.
    Here’s how to Never Get Lost ever Again!

    From: Johnathon Millward

    Founder -- NGLA.co.uk

    Fellow Motorists,

        Anyone can get lost - it's actually really easy. Unfortunately, the problems of being lost are sometimes not so easy to solve - you can waste a lot of time, money and even your promises whilst searching for your way. But this doesn't have to happen to you - with Global Positioning technology you can know exactly where you are and where you need to be anywhere in the world! Originally this worldwide radio-navigation system that was developed by the US. Department of Defense.
        At the end of 2002, after receiving his second speeding fine of the year,I suggested to a freind of mine that he should get a GPS system to alert him of the speeding limits wherever he was. So far he hasn't recieved a single ticket - and the cost of the original fines would have paid for 2 GPS systems and saved him the points on his liscence! :) I want to give you the opportunity he never had - to restore the balance of power between the motorist and the treacherous road system.

    Why this GPS System is cheaper than some similar products?

          There are many products on the UK market today and as the technology has advanced, most of them have become very good (you might almost tempt fate and say they are ‘infallible’)!
                But they come at a cost.
          This is because there are many lazy companies who buy a few units at a time from wholesalers or distributors - middle men, in effect - at an inflated price. They then have to add their own profit on top of the already inflated price.
    I have taken over 18 months to establish a relationship with the manufacturers and buy in bulk direct. Further, my business model is based on selling tens of thousands of GPS to UK Motorists with a low margin, not in selling a few units per week at a handsome profit.

    Technical Specification Advent GPS 400

        Easily navigate your way round the UK, Ireland and Western Europe on this small and light navigation system! The Advent GPS 400 has a large 3.5" colour touch screen which is easy to read, plus, an MP3 player. UK & Ireland street level maps are included and pre-installed on the 512MB MMC card also included. Street level maps of Western Europe are also included on DVD-ROM.

    If you want to see the full technical specification, click here.


    Two Ways To Place Your Risk-Free Order

    • By Credit or Debit Card

    The fastest way to order is directly online via PayPal.co.uk .
    The GPS will be shipped to you by Courier as soon as we receive your order.

    • By Cheque or UK Postal Order

    Simply print the order form out and send it along with your payment of £199.99.
    The GPS will be shipped by Special Delivery to you as soon as payment has cleared (if you want immediate shipping, you could use Postal Orders instead of a personal cheque). Click here to go to the printable order form to post your order.


       I look forward to getting a letter from you, telling me about how we have saved your time or how you are spending the hundreds of pounds in saved speeding fines and insurance premiums! Even though I get a lot of mail, please write to me. I’d love to hear how we’ve helped you out.

      Johnathon Millward

    P.S. If you are still unsure, please remember that you can try the BTST Radar and Laser Detector for 30 days with no risk whatsoever. If you still have any questions, please contact me by e-mail.

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